Ex. MLA Manish Rawat



“Knowledge is contemplation, thinking, pure discrimination and nothing else. Differentiating things, demarcating the line of difference, establishing the points of difference or distinction – this alone is knowledge, which is the characteristic of the mind.” 

Harsha Institute of Pharmacy was started by Harsha Jan Sewa Sansthan, with a view to perpetuate the name of a learned scholar and the revolutionary son of the soil was rechristened 

In the era of globalization there is an unprecedented demand for a great diversification in higher education, as well as an increased awareness of its vital importance for socio-cultural and economic development, and for building the future, for which the younger generations will need to be equipped with new skills, knowledge and ideas. It is our prime duty to make our education system responsive to the changing needs of materialistic market-oriented world, as well as the saviour and proponent of our historical, cultural and traditional heritage is one of the biggest challenges.

It should also be aim to enhance participation and promote the role of women to eliminate all gender stereotyping in higher education. It should reinforce its role of service to society, in terms of eliminating poverty, intolerance, violence, illiteracy, hunger, environmental degradation and disease, mainly through an interdisciplinary and trans disciplinary approach in the analysis of problems and issues. Advancing knowledge through research in science, arts and humanities and the dissemination of its results is also one of the responsibilities of the University to maintain quality in education. Higher education institutions should give the opportunity to students to fully develop their own abilities with a sense of social responsibility, educating them to become full participants in democratic society and promoters of changes that will foster equity and justice. At the same time it is absolutely important for the students to come up with available knowledge and  promote the various startup schemes of Government of India.

The student’s future will not only depend on what will happen to us, but on what we decide to become and, on the will, to create it. Central tenet of the Barkatullah Vishwavidyalaya’s VISION is commitment to academic excellence in teaching and research, innovation, woman empowerment and creativity respect for cultural diversity, individual dignity and worth, responsible stewardship and conservation of resources and leadership and involvement in the economics, social and professional growth of region and the Nation.

In addition of all it is important for the centre of higher learnings to incubate and provide opportunities to the innovators in developing and nurturing their new innovative ideas for the production of their products so that they become the successful technology based entrepreneurs.